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Birthdate:May 24
OOC Information:
Name: Mat
Age: 25
AIM: thisrainbowrose
E-MAIL: thatlovingrainbow [at]

IC Information:
Name: Molly Carpenter
Fandom: The Dresden Files
Timeline: Beginning of White Knight
Age: 18
Appearance: Just shy of 6’ tall and built (as Harry once noted) like the “proverbial brick house”, Molly is a very attractive young woman. She has short, sort of spiky blonde hair that she likes to dye various unnatural colors - most recently she’s bleached and dyed it white. She has a number of tattoos and piercings. Piercings in both nostrils, her right eyebrow, and a stud in the dent under her lip. Three piercings in each earlobe, a tongue stud, and a barbell through each nipple. Belly button ring, and a couple more… intimate piercings. She has a tattoo of a serpent on the left side of her neck; a tribal design on her chest that peeks out from most tops she wears that goes down between her breasts, and around her navel; and an abstract loops-and-swirls design covering the back of her right hand and twining up her forearm.

(And yes, I know her PB has long hair - I haven’t found anyone whose FACE screams Molly more than Julia Stiles, and she’s never cut her hair short and dyed it white, to my knowledge. Ah, the downsides of playing book characters.)

Abilities: Molly is, yes, a wizard, but a young one, with only about a year of training under her belt. She isn’t much good with combat magic, because she doesn’t have the sort of raw power that it takes to effectively fuel that sort of thing. What she is good at is the delicate, fiddly sorts of magic. She’s got a natural knack for veils (which basically render someone or something invisible) especially, an instinctive veil being the first sign she had that she had magic.

Molly’s real strengths, so far as they exist at the moment, are in mental and emotional magics. The application and training of which is very delicate, since those magics nearly got her executed by the White Council before her training. Still, magic that deals with the mind or the emotions is where she really shines - there and her veils, which are quite good for someone with her training.

At the moment, she’s not very trained and she’s not very strong. She knows basics, she can do slightly more complex spells (for someone of her training), though it takes her quite a while to focus her energies at this time - 20 minutes is a good average.
Also, as a side effect of magic, modern technology tends to not get along with Molly very well. Things short out, malfunction, jam, and just generally don’t work right, when magic’s involved. On the bright side, however, having much less raw power than Harry means that these things tend to happen to her less often, and less disastrously than they do for Harry.

Personality: Molly is, at heart, a good girl. She’s compassionate, loyal to her friends and her ideals, and would prefer to help people than hurt them. She’s also a rebellious 18-year-old girl. While some of her rebellion-for-the-sake-of-rebelling nature has been tempered in the past year by Harry Dresden, she still has some serious issues with authority. She thinks that she is perfectly capable of making decisions for herself, even when she really isn’t for one reason or another. She also struggles with falling into the traps of the easiest means to an end - instead of finding a way to support her friends through their heroin withdrawal naturally, finding them a rehab center or even just learning what she could and taking care of them on her own, she figured the easiest way would be to scare them off using heroin by influencing their minds - and in so doing not only broke one of the laws of magic, but damaged her friends’ souls, essentially.
She is stubborn as hell. She doesn’t play well with authority, unless that authority is Harry (and even then, she chafes). She’s very independent and often wants to do her own thing. She HATES being told to what to do, and sometimes will try to get around orders.

After growing up in a strict household, she went kind of crazy with freedom when she left, and she’s still working on finding the balance and self-discipline she needs to not only be a functioning adult, but to make it as a wizard. Currently, her state of mind is that magic is the best solution to any problem that presents itself, and Harry hasn’t managed to teach her that it’s not true yet.

History: Molly is the oldest daughter of Michael and Charity Carpenter, part of a deeply religious family. Her father is a Knight of the Cross (wielding one of three blades that has a nail from Jesus’ crucifixion worked into the cross-guard, and basically answering to the big man himself), and her mother, when she was born, had untrained, unused magical abilities which she kept secret, and which Molly unknowingly inherited. When she was 16, she instinctively veiled herself when she was coming home in clothes her mother would’ve had a fit over and realised that her mother wasn’t actually out as she’d assumed. From there, she taught herself a little about using magic, and tension between her and her mother grew out of control. Her mother found out that Molly had magic and urged her to abandon it, not telling Molly that she had done the same thing with her own, long-gone magic as a young woman. By the time Molly turned 17, it was nearly unbearable, and eventually there was a big fight, and Molly left home and dropped out of school.

Knowing nothing about the laws of magic (which govern the magic users of the world to prevent abuses of their abilities), Molly broke one when she used mind magic on two of her friends to get them to quit using drugs - to disastrous effects. Harry Dresden - a friend of her father’s and someone she’d had a bit of a hero crush on since she was 12 - got involved not knowing she was the magical force behind the incidents he was investigating. She didn’t realise it either. Phages were coming through from the Nevernever, the fairy land, creatures that fed on fear. Harry was trying to find who was summoning them. Unfortunately, Molly was, unbeknownst to anyone, being used as a beacon for the phages, so when Harry attempted to deal with the issue by sending the phages after their summoner, he sent them at Molly, who had gone back to her family’s home. They took her with them back to the Nevernever, to the depths of the Winter court, and she was held captive by Queen Mab. Harry figured it out, and he, Molly’s mother Charity, and a few other intrepid and unlikely heroes got all decked out in armor and weaponry, opened a doorway to the Nevernever, and rescued Molly from the very heart of Winter’s power. Which was surprisingly easy, even if there were near deaths all around, but the important part was that Molly was rescued.

After all of that was dealt with, Molly turned herself in to the White Council (the magical ruling body) on Harry’s advice, hoping for leniency rather than execution for being a warlock - standard practice for anyone who breaks the laws of magic, even if they didn’t know they existed. Harry stood by her and offered to take her as his apprentice, and instead of execution, she was sentenced to the Doom of Damocles, and Harry with her - if she slips up even once, they will both be killed. Still, it was a second chance, and one she was thankful for. Her hero crush on Harry only intensified after all of this, and she did try once to seduce him shortly after everything - he threw ice water on her and told her that it would never happen, and also to get dressed.

Since then, she’s been training under Harry, struggling to come to terms with her slightly gray magical morality, learning to control her magic more precisely. She’s pretty much the opposite of Harry, magically, not extremely powerful, but with the potential to be skilled at delicate, intricate magic that Harry has trouble with because of his power. She’s been training under him for a year, living with her family again and getting along with her mother better, if not perfectly.

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